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News - July 27, 2021

 Bella Thorne Shakes It Up on BitClout With Help From Collaborators

HighKey Enterprises makes Bella Thorne the most active female celebrity on the BitClout platform, posting two to three times per day!

After a successful collaboration for an Instagram giveaway, Bella Thorne and HighKey Enterprises collaborate again, this time on BitClout. BitClout is a decentralized platform where social media meets cryptocurrency, which increases the price of the $CLOUT, BitClout’s in-house currency. For example, one of BitClout’s lead creators, Diamondhands, preloaded 15,000 influencers from Twitter’s public API onto BitClout. Not all of the preloaded profiles have been activated as of yet, though.

While some controversy has surfaced about using famous names on the platform, the preloaded influencer accounts’ coins can still be purchased and traded even if the owner hasn’t claimed the reserved account. To claim their profile, the owner is required to Tweet the BitClout public key. When they do this, they gain full access to the account and a percentage of the creator coins that are a part of their profile. Only the owner of the reserved Twitter account can claim the associated BitClout profile.

Creator coins are tied to the reputation of the individual. The idea behind them is that the value goes up as the individual’s standing in society goes up. Conversely, if they do something that would reduce their standing, their clout, and thus the value, should then drop. The buying, selling, and trading of creator coins can help people realize their potential.

One of the most active female celebrities on the platform is Bella Thorne, who currently posts to the platform two to three times per day. However, due to her busy schedule as an actress and singer, she doesn’t have the time to keep up with her BitClout. So instead, she has entrusted her account to the Highkey team to create the content needed and to manage her account.

HighKey Goes CloutBitClout

When BitClout first came on the scene, Jordan and Luke Lintz saw the vision. They quickly began reaching out and contacting all their high-level and celebrity connections to get them on board. The brothers began investing in their own creator coin, HighKey Coin, quickly increasing the company’s overall worth on the platform.

HighKey will continue to offer all of its celebrity clients the same level of management, remaining respectful and mindful of the individual brand. The number one goal remains the same: to help clients succeed and advance on the platform.

The BitClout Vision

The developers of BitClout cite several problems with social media as we know it today. The first is that little innovation has been made with how the creators monetize. As a result, many of these creators don’t earn the type of revenue they should, if they earn anything at all.

The second problem is that a handful of companies are in control of the public discourse. These companies make the sole decision on what we see, what we post, and are predominantly driven to maximize the ad marketing and revenue. BitClout’s developers don’t see this as always aligning with the public good.

The third problem is that these dominant companies cut off third-party developers. Incumbents have closed off external access to their data. The entire process is considered stifled by product innovation and competition in social media. This is what the developers of BitClout look to squash through the platform.

How BitClout Works

BitClout is built from the ground up on its own custom blockchain, using an architecture similar to Bitcoin. The BitClout architecture also supports complex social network data, including posts, profiles, follows, and so much more. But, in the end, it is all just coins and coding.

The BitClout blockchain has its own cryptocurrency: $CLOUT. $CLOUT is bought and sold through the “Buy BitClout” page on the website, where users exchange Bitcoin for $CLOUT and a recently introduced public exchange where it can be bought and sold freely. In the same way that Bitcoin is a decentralized form of currency, BitClout is a decentralized form of social media that is not “minted” by one entity but rather an entire crowd.

There is a formula for determining the price of the creator’s coin. These are normally done via BitClout cryptocurrency; here is what it looks like in a dollar version:


BitClout Provides Premium Perks for Creators

Celebrities and influencers spend a lot of time getting spam messages. Many of these notable people also get bids for premium content from users looking to get their names out there (think retweets). BitClout provides a premium inbox that weeds out the spam and requests to include those with stake in BitClout for that creator, especially those with many coins at stake.

Thorne’s Influence on the BitClout Platform

Thorne has been featured in over 20 movies and television series and over 60 commercials. Her upcoming movie, Masquerade, is slated to release this year. She is known for her character CeCe Jones on Disney Channel’s series Shake It Up! and she has a list of awards that includes the Imagen Award, a Shorty Award, three Young Artist Awards, and a Teen Choice Award.

Thorne has made several acquaintances and friends throughout her career, making it a lot easier for her to help with celebrity onboarding to the BitClout platform and recommend the Lintz brothers and HighKey for representation and management. She approves all the content that HighKey puts on her BitClout. In addition, HighKey is using the Clout branding to redefine currency, providing celebrity-backed giveaways, which have included Thorne.

As a celebrity, Thorne has the influence needed to help steer more celebrity clients to BitClout and even further increase brand recognition through HighKey. As more coin is purchased on the platform, the higher the coin price will rise over time.

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