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News - September 20, 2021

Best Delta-8 Pre-rolls: Top 3 Delta-8 Joints to Try in 2021

Are you tired of having to roll up your delta-8 joint yourself? Do you wish you could get your delta-8 flower pre-rolled? Well, you are in luck, as many delta-8 brands these days have taken the innovative road and come up with their own delta-8 pre-rolls. 

Delta-8 currently comes in all sorts of forms. You can smoke it, or you can ingest it. If you prefer smoking, then delta-8 flowers are your best bet. However, if you are not big on rolling your own joints, or just do not want to put in the effort, then worry not, as brands are now selling delta-8 pre-rolls. Essentially, these are hemp flowers in rolled-up form. 

Delta-8 pre-rolls offer convenience, as you do not need to arrange rolling paper, break up the flowers, and then make an effort to roll it up. With a delta-8 pre-roll, you can just pop one out of the packet and light it up immediately. So, no hassle, no mess, and an instant dose of much-needed delta-8 after a long day.

Now that you have a pretty solid idea of what delta-8 pre-rolls are, let us talk about some brands that sell top-notch delta-8 pre-rolls. Rest assured, we make our recommendations after thorough research to help you choose the best product on the market.

Top 3 Delta-8 Pre-rolls of 2021 at a Glance: Buyers Guide, Reviews, and More

  1. Exhale Wellness: Best Delta-8 joints
  2. Diamond CBD: Made from the Finest Delta-8 Flower
  3. Plain Jane: High Quality Pre-rolls

#1. Exhale Wellness: Best Delta-8 Joints

A veteran brand in the world of delta-8, Exhale Wellness has quite a fan following. The brand has perfected the formula for producing organic, vegan delta-8 products. Their gummies, edibles, cigarettes, tinctures, etc., are popular among customers who like their cannabis free of additives, artificial flavors, and colors. People also like their products because they are gluten and dairy-free.

Exhale believes people should have the option of natural alternatives to medication, which can significantly enhance and improve their health, stability, and performance. The brand has amassed an outstanding team of cannabis enthusiasts and experts to turn this belief into reality. The professionals that make up this team have years of experience in the organic food industry and make top-notch delta-8 products.

Exhale also offers customers some great money-saving discounts. For instance, you can save 25% on your first purchase of a pre-roll pack if you subscribe to the website. There is also a 20% discount currently offered on their website. Moreover, Exhale has some tremendous after-sale services. All orders come with free shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can feel confident while buying their products.

Product Highlights

Exhale Wellness’ delta-8 pre-rolls are made from 100% organic hemp flower. Moreover, like the rest of Exhale’s products, these joints are non-GMO and third-party lab tested. So, they are safe to use. All of these test results are accessible on the website for you to view.

Exhale has designed its delta-8 pre-rolls in a way that provides a burst of flavor, aroma, and an out-of-the-world experience with each use. These joints rate the highest in terms of quality and are bound to have you coming back for more. Each joint is also expertly rolled, so there are no air pockets. 

There is also an impressive line of ten flavors: Sour Space Candy, OG Kush, Northern Lights, Skywalker OG, Lifter, Sour Diesel, Gorilla Glue, Cookies, Hawaiian Haze and Zkittles. The website gives a detailed description of what each flavor tastes and smells like. So, if you are trying to decide which flavor to go for, we suggest you go through the description of each flavor. Some flavors are designed to make you feel energetic and productive, while others have sedating qualities that help you relax and get some quality rest. Once you decide the purpose of your delta-8 THC consumption, you will find choosing a flavor easier.

Perhaps the highlight of these pre-rolls is that each of these flavors is also available in raw delta-8 flower form. So, if you feel like rolling your joints yourself at any point, you can buy one of those.


  • High-quality hemp flower
  • Extensive range of flavors
  • Same flavors available in raw form
  • Third-party tested
  • Non-GMO and organic
  • Free delivery
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


Customer Review 

Every flavor of Exhale Wellness delta-8 pre-rolls has a five-star rating on the website, and users are big fans of the taste and smell. Many describe the smoke as “smooth,” with one customer describing her experience as serene.

One customer mentioned the joint did not make her feel drowsy or paranoid as she had felt with joints from other brands. Another user expressed surprise at how well each joint was rolled, claiming he could never roll one so well.

Overall, users cannot seem to get enough of Exhale Wellness’ delta-8 pre-rolls.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Exhale Wellness

#2. Diamond CBD: Made from the Finest Delta-8 Flower

Diamond CBD is one of the top manufacturers of CBD products in the United States. Not only has it been in the industry for a while, but it has also managed to produce the top ten leading CBD consumer products in the market. Naturally, it has also accumulated an impressive fanbase for its products. With its stellar team of scientists and researchers, Diamond CBD has developed diverse and high-quality hemp-flower and its extracts and a broad profile of cannabinoids for you to consume.

Apart from being a market leader, Diamond CBD has a unique business model that allows them to use a sustainable method of using environmentally friendly hemp flower. In addition, the brand does not use any artificial flavors or additives and focuses on keeping its products organic and pure. The company also gets its products tested by third-party labs to ensure quality, consistency, and purity.

Diamond CBD has an impressive line of pre-rolls called Chill Plus. With a variety of six flavors, these pre-rolls come in differently infused premium delta-8 THC and CBD. All of the pre-rolls in this line are designed to give you the “buzz” and offer an out-of-the-world experience. The pre-rolls contain all of the hemp plant’s terpenes and cannabinoids so that you can feel the extra kick of delta-8.

If you are wondering what kief is, Diamond CBD summarizes it perfectly on their website, stating, “kief, or dry sifted pollen, is the sweet and sticky crystalline pieces found on the hemp flower buds. But, kief does more than just look pretty, because it also encompasses the resin glands of the delta-8 flower that include all of the hemp plant’s terpenes and cannabinoids, giving it not only its scent but full flavor too. Now with these kief pre-rolls, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds with a single puff.

Diamond CBD’s delta-8 THC pre-rolls come with different concentrations of delta-8. The Bubba Kush and Lifter flavors, for instance, come with 70mg of delta-8, while the Chill Plus CBG + delta-8 hemp flower pre-roll comes with a delta-8 THC concentration of 20.8mg. The Bubba Kush and Lifter flavors are also available with 90mg of delta-8 THC content. Cherry Wine, White Flowers, and Special Sauce are newly introduced flavors with the same 90mg concentration of delta-8 THC.

Each of these pre-rolls is structured to have different effects, and you can find a proper description of them on Diamond CBD’s site. You will also find third-party test results under each pre-roll that has verified the quality of these products.

The good thing about purchasing pre-rolls from Diamond CBD is that they come with a 30-day return policy. That way, if you do not enjoy the product, you can easily return it. This is a rare privilege that many other brands do not offer their customers.

So, if you want to buy a pre-roll but are not entirely sure how you will feel about it, consider using this as an opportunity to explore the world of delta-8 THC pre-rolls. Moreover, the brand offers two-day free express shipping for orders above $100. So, feel free to splurge on some Diamond CBD products.


  • High-quality hemp flower
  • Multiple flavors with varying degrees of delta-8 THC concentration
  • Organic and non-GMO
  • 30-day return policy
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Free two-day shipping on orders over $100


  • Expensive
  • Pay for shipping on orders under $100

Customer Reviews

The lowest rating for any of these pre-rolls is 4.8, and users praise them for the relaxation the products provide. Many users have stated these pre-rolls have helped them with pain and anxiety as well as stress. One particular user mentioned they have relieved the pain that occurs with her severe arthritis.

Interestingly, several users have praised these joints for helping them to socialize as well. Another Diamond CBD pre-roll user stated she and her friend talked for hours after smoking this joint. 

One thing to remember about these pre-rolls is that they are intense. Therefore, be a little mindful of that if you are a new user and have not developed a tolerance yet.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Diamond CBD

#3. Plain Jane: High Quality Pre-rolls

Among all of the delta-8 THC brands, Plain Jane probably has the most unique business model. The brand harvests the highest quality hemp flowers from small U.S. family farms. It works with more than 15 farms that are largely located in Southern Oregon. Based out of Oregon itself, Plain Jane has a collective customer base of around 75,000 throughout the U.S. Moreover, apart from working with other family-owned farms, Plain Jane also has its own land to grow its high-quality hemp flowers.

Plain Jane’s product portfolio consists of delta-8 CBD flowers, CBG flowers, pre-rolls, and cigarettes. The brand is a pioneer of low-smelling CBD cigarettes, a result they achieve with the help of a water-curing extraction method to remove the traditional scent of cannabis.

Apart from this, Plain Jane uses sustainable farming practices and is a firm believer in regenerative farming. These, combined, help the brand produce high-quality greenhouse flowers with unique hemp genetics.

Moreover, like all other brands mentioned in this list, Plain Jane’s products are also tested by third-party labs, which are available to view on their site. Also, the brand offers free shipping on orders above $30. Moreover, Plain Jane accepts returns of products that are unopened and unused within seven days of receiving them.

Product Highlights

Plain Jane’s CBD flower pre-rolled hemp joints come in a variety of flavors, each containing one gram of CBD-rich hemp flowers with roughly 10 to 18% CBD and less than 0.3% delta-9 THC. The joints contain freshly ground hemp flower buds and are great if you want to have a calming experience. Each joint contains 100% hemp flowers and no additives at all. 

Plain Jane packages its joints in aesthetic and functional containers, and you can even buy one joint at a time. This is a perfect option if you are a beginner, as it allows you to explore the effectiveness of their product and decide if you like it or not before making a full financial commitment to the product. Alternatively, you can buy a pack of ten joints as well.

One of the things that sets Plain Jane apart from its competitors is that it produces affordable delta-8 products. This is pretty impressive because delta-8 THC products generally tend to be pricey. However, Plain Jane has provided users with comparatively cheaper options while making no compromise on quality.


  • High-quality hemp
  • Variety of flavors
  • Affordable
  • Free delivery for orders above $30
  • Seven-day refund policy


Customer Reviews

Several users have praised these pre-rolls for helping them sleep better and get relief from chronic pain. Moreover, these pre-rolls are great stress relievers and help get rid of nausea. Perhaps what people love about this brand is that it is much more affordable than other brands in the delta-8 THC market.

Many mentioned they were not expecting such great taste and smell. Some suspected the smoke might be harsh and rough on the throat, but they found the opposite to be true. However, one user mentioned the effects of these pre-rolls do not last that long, but this did not seem to be a widespread issue for others.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Plain Jane

Factors We Consider While Choosing These Delta-8 Pre-rolls

We recommend this shortlist of products after conducting extensive research. There are several factors we base our recommendations on. So, if you are new to the world of delta-8 THC pre-rolls, or delta-8 in general, you should consider the following points before deciding what product to buy.

We only endorse brands that have a good history and reputation. Such brands might not have several years of experience, but they do have an established customer base. These brands give valuable insights into their products and their uses. The reviews posted by customers who have used these pre-rolls also help us decide which brands are legit and which are not.

The manufacturing methods a brand uses says a lot about the quality of its products. Likewise, there are many ways manufacturers can slack on the quality of their delta-8 pre-rolls. For example, some might resort to using cheap and low-quality hemp plants.

Others may compromise on hygiene when extracting or refining delta-8 THC components from hemp. Good brands are always transparent about their production methods, which guarantees the high quality of their products.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Not every product a brand comes out with is popular with customers. So, we do not solely rely on the information provided on brands’ websites to decide if they are the best or not.

We also look at customer testimonials to get valuable insights about which products are a hit or miss. Going through these reviews, we looked at the quality of the experience customers have had with a product before recommending it. 

  • Third-Party Lab Test Results

The good thing about our recommended products is that we also base our opinions on experts through third-party lab test results. These labs test whether the quality of the brand’s product is top-notch and safe to use, as the brand claims.

Remember, good brands always have these reports listed on their site so customers can look at them before purchasing any products.

We do not shortlist these brands merely based on their products. Yes, product quality and user experience are important. But, another thing that adds value to a customer’s experience with a brand is the ease with which they can get the product. The brands we list here are user-friendly websites, and you can easily find all of the important details you will need about delta-8 and its products.

Moreover, we also look at their after-sale policies. Is there an option to exchange the product or return it? How long does it take the brand to deliver the product? Do they offer full refunds or discounts? We assess all of these factors, and you should too, before deciding which brands to shop from.

Buying Guide for Beginners: What to Know Before Buying Delta-8 Pre-rolls

Since the legalization of industrial hemp with the 2018 Farm Bill in the United States, multiple brands have popped up selling delta-8 THC products. Some of these brands are genuine, meaning their products are genuinely harvested from high-quality hemp plants and meet quality and safety standards as set by the government.

However, the number of these brands that do not produce high-quality, genuine products is significantly larger. These brands do not follow any safety or quality guidelines and are only in business to make money.

You must be wary of such brands that are merely there to make a profit, because their products may not be as genuine as they claim. The hemp they use may be of substandard quality, and their manufacturing methods may not be safe. Often, such brands are not transparent or honest about the methods they use to harvest and develop their delta-8 THC products. 

Here, we outline a few things you should consider before deciding what brands to buy delta-8 THC pre-rolls from.

New brands are popping up every day, making their own versions of delta-8 THC products. So, you must ensure you buy your joints from a brand that is known for its adherence to safety and quality guidelines. Also, make sure the content of THC in these joints is less than 0.3%, because any quantity above this is illegal.

When buying a delta-8 THC pre-roll, you should look at the joint’s size. Depending on your tolerance levels and the quantity you can smoke at a time, you should choose between a small, thin joint or a big fat one. Whichever one you go for, be aware of the quantity of delta-8 content and other ingredients in your joint.

You should select your strain depending on the kind of effects you are looking for. One type of strain is meant for the daytime, while the other type is intended for the nighttime. Moreover, each strain comes with its own distinctive properties.

So, what effects you feel after smoking a joint depends ultimately on your strain. As such, you should do your research and choose a strain accordingly.

The best delta-8 THC products, in general, are expensive. This is because the delta-8 content in hemp is very low, and it takes considerable work to extract it from the plant. Moreover, extracting the best delta-8 from hemp is a technical process itself and requires the efforts of highly trained and certified professionals.

Not to mention, delta-8 flower is developed in the highly controlled environment of labs, which are also very costly. All of these factors, combined, increase the cost of producing the best delta-8 pre-rolls significantly. So naturally, brands have to charge a high price for their products.

While we understand that as a customer, you are always looking for a price that is not too heavy on the pocket, keep in mind that with delta-8 THC products, a high price typically means a high-quality product. If you are buying your delta-8 flower buds at a significantly lower price than most brands, then that is a clear pointer that the quality of your flowers is compromised. We do not recommend buying cheap delta-8 pre-rolls and other cheap delta-8 products in general, as they can pose a substantial risk to your health.

FAQs: The Best Delta-8 Pre-rolls in 2021

Q1. Can delta-8 THC pre-rolls make you high?

Yes. The best delta-8 joints can make you high but do not intoxicate you completely. You might feel what users call the “buzz,” but it will not be too strong.

How high you can get with these best delta-8 flower buds and how long these effects last vary from person to person. If you have a bigger body, the smoking will not get you high, and you might need to go for a stronger joint to feel the effects kick in.

Similarly, if you are a smaller person, the effects may kick in faster, so be careful about how much you smoke at a time.

Q2. How long do the effects of delta-8 THC pre-rolls last?

The intensity and duration of the effects of smoking delta-8 THC vary from person to person. You can still feel the effects hours after you have smoked your joint. However, initial effects start to kick in within the first 30 minutes of consumption. 

Furthermore, the effects of the best delta-8 THC may not last too long if you have a fast metabolism. People with fast metabolisms expel foreign elements from their bodies at a quicker pace, and the opposite applies to people with a slow metabolism.

Q3. Are delta-8 pre-rolls legal?

Yes. Premium delta-8 THC pre-rolls are legal, but you need to be at least 18 years of age (and 21 in some states) to be able to consume them. Good brands always verify the age of the customer before accepting orders.

Furthermore, some states (Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Rhode Island, and Utah) do not allow delta-8 THC products. Therefore, brands do not ship to these locations.

Q4. Are there any risks involved with delta-8 THC pre-rolls?

Not really. No amount of premium delta-8 THC can cause an overdose. However, remember that your body may experience some side effects such as a dry mouth, feelings of dizziness, and changes in appetite if you smoke too much at a time.

The key to keeping these side effects at a minimum is to ensure your body is sufficiently hydrated. Even if you consume too much in one go, the effects will not last in the long run, and you will be fine eventually.

Q5. Does delta-8 THC show up in drug tests?

Yes. Drug tests cannot differentiate between delta-8 and delta-9 THC, as they are simply determined to detect THC. So, premium delta-8 THC will show up on a drug test. If you are due to take a drug test sometime soon, we recommend you stop delta-8 THC consumption at least two weeks in advance to eliminate any traces of it from your body.


Finding good quality delta-8 THC products can be difficult. With new brands popping up every day, their versions of premium delta-8 THC products can make it tough to reach a decision, which is why we have put together this article to help you narrow down your options.

Feel free to use our recommendations as a starting point to explore the world of the best delta-8 THC pre-rolls. Rest assured, you will not regret it. Happy smoking!

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