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Best Feet Cams in 2021

Whoever said that boots were made for walking alone probably didn’t have the libido and creativity required to find new kinky uses for those footsies. Just check out the multitude of feet cams online!

It’s a seriously popular kink…

…which is why we present to you the best feet cams online. Catch some of the hottest live cam girls flashing their toes in front of their webcam for the sole purpose of turning you on.

And as a bonus, we include a list of the best live cam models who specialize in feet cams.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get steppin’!

First Look at the Best Feet Cams:

  1. 2021’s best feet cams site – Jerkmate
  2. Premium feet cam models – LiveJasmin
  3. Free feet cams – Chaturbate
  4. European feet cams – Sexier
  5. Best in amateur feet cams – MyFreeCams

Top Feet Cam Models Right Now:

Best Feet Cams Reviewed

1. Jerkmate – Best Feet Cams in 2021


    • Amateurs and pros available
    • Cam 2 cam at no additional charge
    • Free two-way audio with private chat


  • Jerkmate Gold is pricey
  • High private chat rates

Jerkmate is undeniably one of the leading live sex cam sites, feet cams or otherwise. But speaking of hot cam models who like to flash their teeny, tiny toes for you to slobber all over, it’s no surprise that this cam site delivers aces in that category.

You’re going to find that JM has one of the largest, and most diverse selections of feet cams you can check out if you want to, well, find a mate to jerk it with. With both upcoming talents and established foot fairies flashing their digits on cam, there’s no shortage of models here.


Even better, too, is the fact that JM has a sweet pairing algorithm that lets you match with the right foot fetish cam based on your preferences, and you can do all this by answering a short questionnaire.

Granted, JM might not be the cheapest feet cams site: each Jerkmate Gold (the site’s currency) costs $1 a pop, with their private cam offerings going for $4.99 and upwards.

However, rest assured there’s a lot of value for money here.

For one, both cam 2 cam and two-way audio features come free with your private feet cams. Secondly, the fact that JM directly charges your account for private shows, instead of having to manually trade them for Jerkmate Gold is a sweet bonus, too. This lets you connect with your live cam model instantly.

Speaking of accounts, creating one with JM is 100 percent free. You just need to fill up the necessary profile info. and hook your payment method to the live cam site, then you’re all good to go. Don’t worry, you’ll only get charged once you start tipping your feet cam model or go on a private sex chat with them.

2. LiveJasmin – Premium Feet Cams


  • Exclusively made up of pro cam models
  • Search filters are efficient
  • Nice site interface
  • Reasonable rates overall
  • Offers uploaded content


  • Cam 2 cam costs extra
  • Two-way audio requires additional fee

LiveJasmin is the kind of feet cams site to visit if you’re tired of the old, subpar amateur cam shows you’ve found on other lesser-known sex cam sites. Simply put, LJ is quite deluxe as far as camming sites go but without the ridiculous rates that you can expect from one.


In so far as their site currency (LJ tokens) and per-minute charges go, LJ stands as one of the most affordable options when you’re looking for some of the best foot fetish live cam models on the planet without breaking the bank.

Their roster is made up exclusively of professional cam show performers, each with toes you’re going to love to suck on until you climax. Whether it’s a fresh face or a tried-and-true live cam girl doing feet cams, LJ’s library of online models doesn’t disappoint.

It’s also great that this live sex cam site can easily deliver feet cams right to your screen with the simple click of a button. That’s all thanks to how efficient their search tools are, which allows you to create accurate filters that provide you with specific options.

So, whether you’re into teen feet cams with jewel tones on their toenails or a hot cougar with varicose veins you’d want to give a rub after a long day, you can bet your booty that LJ can provide it.

And in cases where your favorite foot fetish model is unavailable for a show, LJ also offers uploaded content that you can check out. These range from saucy image sets from your favorite models to pre-recorded videos that’ll get you hot in all the right ways.

Yes, cam 2 cam and two-way audio costs extra on LJ, but you’re going to find that the site’s overall rates are very much affordable even if you add up the costs to get those features.

All in all, this foot fetish cams site is undeniably one of our favorites—and we KNOW it’s going to be yours, too!

3. Chaturbate – Best Free Feet Cams


  • Humongous live cam model roster


  • Relies on tags too much
  • More aimed at public feet cam shows

Chaturbate is the leading live sex cam site if you’re strictly talking about user traffic and the number of cam models available on any given site. As such, you’re going to discover that finding the right foot fetish cams to watch on this platform won’t be a chore by any count.

Well, supposedly…

The thing is, Chaturbate might be the most budget-friendly foot fetish cam site, but the one main flaw is that it basically has no search engine to speak of. You won’t be completely left at the mercy of random live cam suggestions, though, since you can click on the various tags to look for feet cams.

But don’t expect any pinpoint searches with Chaturbate.

Still, it’s a small price to pay considering the fact that Chaturbate doesn’t even require you to pay for the shows that you can watch. This cam site’s foot fetish models usually operate in public chat rooms that anyone—and we mean ANYONE—can enter. In fact, you don’t even need an account to join any given show.

All you have to do is pop over to their site and just click away at any given room. If you ask us, that’s more than enough to compensate for the lack of a search tool.

Also, if you want to be a white knight and pay for the shows (which we highly recommend), you’re going to discover that this is one of the most affordable sites where you can watch slippery feet slide up and down shafts in front of a webcam. Just watch out, though: the foot fetish cams on Chaturbate are super addictive!

4. Sexier – Best European Feet Cams


  • Loads of feet cams and other fetishes
  • Cam 2 cam is free with private chats
  • No extra fee for two-way audio
  • Numerous HD cams available
  • Models from all over the world


  • Slightly pricey rates
  • Needs more free features
  • Some models still use low-tech webcams

Sexier is Europe’s answer to the live sex cam industry. Even better, you won’t be mistaken to think that this site was specifically made to cater to alternative sexual preferences like feet cams and BDSM (or both!).

Make no mistake, though: Sexier has something for everyone, even if you’re a simple, religious man who’s into vanilla stuff.

Okay, that sounds hot too.

When it comes to their feet cams, though, Sexier might very well be one of the absolute best. This live sex cam site does have a roster of cam models whose majority hails from Europe, but they also offer hot performers from other parts of the world like Asia and Australia.

Although not the cheapest live sex site to watch your feet cams at—and that’s mainly because Sexier charges you Euros instead of good ol’ USD—you’re still going to find that their overall rates are reasonable and, of course, absolutely worth buying.

With free cam 2 cam and two-way audio capabilities as part of Sexier’s private feet cams, the majority of their performers also use HD webcams to make sure that you see those berry toes as clearly as possible. It goes without saying that there’s a lot of bang for the buck on this live cam site.

Signing up for an account with Sexier is free of charge, but there won’t be much going on if you decide to just cruise for a free show here. The real fun starts in their private rooms, as you’ll get treated to some of the kinkiest feet cams you could ever watch.

After all, didn’t the whole foot fetish thing originate from those freaky Mediterraneans? Yum!

5. MyFreeCams – Best in Amateur Feet Cams


  • Purchase uploaded content here
  • Cam 2 cam feature is nice
  • All shows have flat rates
  • Most models use HD cams


  • Some models outright demand tips
  • Only has cam girls
  • More of a freemium setup

MyFreeCams is one of the oldest live sex cam sites around. And much like a slice of dry aged prime rib, it just gets better as time passes.

For one, they offer a wide variety of cam girls who belong to a diverse range of categories, with feet cams being no exception. You’re going to find that MFC is a haven for upcoming talent who have yet to make a name for themselves in the camming industry, so you can bet that these hotties have something to prove.

Don’t get it twisted, though…

MFC also features some hot pros and a few bona fide porn stars that sideline as cam girls, but we find that the real stars here are the newer girls. Speaking of cam girls, MFC exclusively offers female models. So, if you’re not into girls, you’re probably better off elsewhere.

Regarding their rates, it’s nice that MFC has flat rates for all their shows, whether it’s public chat rooms or private rooms where you can ogle those delicious cam girl toes one-on-one. And this is probably the same reason why some of the models here DEMAND tips as additional fees. We understand why they do this, but come on: that defeats MFC’s flat rate.

On the plus side, MFC provides you with a classic case of affordability meeting quality, as they almost exclusively have HD cams that let you see all the action in crisp resolution.

Far from being a one-trick cam site, too, MFC is one of the uncommon camming sites that let their models sell uploaded content as well. So, if you’re not up for a live feet cam, you can always buy a photoset or pre-recorded foot fetish video from one of their many models!

Top Feet Cam Models in 2021

1. Kim_possible

Kim_Possible is fresh out of her teen phase. Currently 20 years old, you’d be surprised how much of an expert this girl is when it comes to pleasing her fans in front of a webcam. Sure, you might come for her hot, bouncy tits and glasses, but you’re definitely going to stay once she flashes those toes in front of you!

2. KataSoto

KataSoto is a live cam brunette with a luscious, pear-shaped booty that you’d want to suckle on for days on end. That’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, though, because she’s also one of the finest LiveJasmin foot fetish models. As a matter of fact, those hot braces that she dons on her pearly whites are just a bonus; wait until she starts oiling up those digits!

3. ccamille

MyFreeCams’ ccamille is what you can call a textbook “alternative porn cam girl”. Although she doesn’t exclusively perform feet cam shows, it’s definitely one of her specialties. This curvy tattooed starlet doesn’t just stick with the usual foot and shoe fetish shows; she sometimes invites friends to straight up feed your trample fantasies.

4. liliam_18

It’s no surprise when you combine hot Latina cams with foot fetish content, you’re going to end up with a show that can bust your nut in a matter of seconds. That’s exactly what liliam_18 is able to provide. Even better, she mixes things up at times by combining foot fetish cam shows with smoking kinks and spanking, too!

5. sammyfloodxxx

When it comes to the live sex cam industry, sticking to one genre is pretty much career suicide. That’s exactly why sammyfloodxxx is one of the best out there: she does everything, and she does them well. Whether it’s stroking a dildo with her size 8s or performing a hot saliva show, this blonde bombshell will keep you coming back for more.

6. AlessiaFtWend

Sometimes, a single pair of feet just won’t cut it. Enter: AlessiaFtWend. This Jerkmate Latina couple does the most sensual foot fetish shows. From getting their soles oiled up to having those arches whipped like a stubborn donkey, these models know how to put their feet to creative use for your pleasure.

7. KateCosgrove

Kate Cosgrove is the kind of foot cam model you visit if you’re into thin teens with short hair who like to flaunt their assets. And by assets, we mean those deliciously arched feet of hers that look like she’s always orgasming. Her photos alone can make you blow your load, so just imagine having her lube those digits up live while you lube yourself up (wink wink).

8. PolinaSafina

Polina Safina is a LiveJasmin exclusive performer. That alone warrants that you check out her page even if it’s just to see her free content. But the hot action happens when you start sending tokens her way. As far as foot fetishes go, she specializes in shoe kinks. So, if you like pouring your gravy all over your AF1s or Stan Smiths, watching Polina is a must!

9. your_poison_girl

YPG might not be one of the most popular foot cam girls online right now, but she’s well on her way to getting there. This tanned hottie is a fit European who likes to mix things up on her live shows, mostly playing with her wet vagina and curling those toes all at the same time. She proves that, yes, multi-tasking does pay off!

10. StephanieMason

Stephanie Mason is a petite brunette that likes to subtly please you with her feet whenever she’s in front of a cam. Whether she’s lying on her belly with her feet up, in full view for you to jerk off to, or she’s posing for a kinky photoshoot complete with leather boots, you know this girl is going places in the camming world!

Read on for more of the hottest cam girls

Best Feet Cams FAQs

Where Can I Watch The Best Feet Cams?

You can watch the best feet cams on any of the sites that we’ve listed in this article!

All the cams are sure winners if you’re looking for hot foot fetish cams that’ll make you want to lick and suckle your screen. Apart from that, these are also the most legitimate cam sites that feature great security settings and payment methods.

It’s an all-around win really!

Jerkmate, for one, provides all those things for you and adds a personalized twist to their products by helping you find the perfect feet cams by way of their pairing algorithm.

On the other hand, LiveJasmin is the kind of live sex cam site where you get nothing but the kinkiest foot fetish models who know how to use those arches and ankles to make you climax!

Then, there’s Chaturbate: the cheapskate feet cam hunter’s best friend. If you’re looking for free shows where you can watch cam models’ feet get nasty, then look no further than this one to fulfil that foot-shaped hole in your heart.

Fetish cams don’t stop at feet, though, which is why we cover other fetish cam sites too!

What Are Feet Cams?

Feet cams are live sex cam shows that cater to the foot fetish category.

These performances feature the human feet in various poses or performing different sex-related acts. Examples include: oiled up feet; footjobs; and toe curling, just to name a few.

Are There Any 100 Percent Free Feet Cams I Can Watch?

Yes, there are free foot fetish cams that you can check out, such as the ones you see on live cam sex sites like Chaturbate, but they’re not exactly 100 percent free.


For the most part, you’re just watching shows for “free” because the model is performing in a public sex chat room where she earns money from tips, which all the other viewers are sending them.

In other cases, most live sex cam sites offer limited, free basic features that let you access a certain amount of stuff. These are meant to entice you to sign up for a paid account or membership.

So, are there any 100 percent free feet cams? Well, not really. It’s more accurate to describe “free” live sex cam sites as freemium instead of 100 percent free.

Are Feet Cams Expensive To Watch?

Yes and no, feet cams range greatly in price and knowing how much to spend when you watch paid or premium feet cams is all a matter of preference. For your convenience, here are some things to consider:

Your Budget

Setting a budget for your feet cams is ideal if you don’t plan on going all-out and becoming a high roller. As such, you need a bit of discipline to stick to your set budget; just be sure to leave enough that you’ll see some good stuff but not so much that you’ll end up bankrupt after just one show.

Cam Model Rates

The best cam sites like LiveJasmin and Jerkmate allow their cam models to set their own prices. So, you’re going to want to find one that fits your budget AND provides the services that you want to see in front of a webcam.

Cam Site Rates

Not all cam sites charge the same amount of money, so look for one that’s right for your budget. Whether it’s public chat rooms or private shows, you should always be aware of how much you’re spending if you don’t want to empty your bank account (especially when you consider how addictive these live feet cams are).

Top Live Feet Cams—Our Final Word

With sites like Chaturbate, LiveJasmin, and Jerkmate, finding the right foot fetish honey to rev up your engines doesn’t have to be a tedious task anymore.

We’ve provided you with nothing but the best live feet cam sites where you can watch shows and chat with hot models easily, so there’s no need for you to look anywhere else.

That said, all you need to do now is take off those shoes, sit back, relax, and let these live cam models flash their feet for you to worship.


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