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News - January 29, 2022

Blueprint Win Inaugural Winter Zalympix

After being one of L.A. Weekly’s top picks in our preview of the second edition of Greenwolf’s Zalympix, Blueprint took home the top prize with their fantastic Triple Lindy. 

At the time when we received our Zalympix box, we noted that the Triple Lindy was the strain we were most familiar with, and the competition batch was exactly the blend of fuel notes and pine notes we were looking for, with a great high. We expected it to do well. 

Now five weeks removed from our initial take, we are not surprised to see the way things played out for the contest’s most-potent offering. Not that that’s all that matters, but when you get the THC going over 30% and a lot of other cannabinoids, too, like the Triple Lindy, it creates a supreme entourage effect that will really start a party in your soul. That’s why it took home the hardware, not just the THC percentage number.

This week we caught up with Blueprint’s co-founder and chief cultivator, Jordan Aguilar, to talk about the big win. As for how the team is feeling after hearing Bruce Buffer announce their name on Instagram last week?

“Super stoked,” Aguilar quickly replied, “It’s obviously a very big victory just for the team regardless of anything else. This showing, like, hey we can do this. We’re bringing a new product and so it’s pretty cool. This was the second first-place trophy for Blueprint but this is a bigger platform, and we’re just so honored to be part of it and compete with all these guys to be recognized. It’s really cool.”

One of the main tales of Blueprint, as we noted last summer and again in our 2021 recap, is just how much faith people had in the brand before a jar even touched a shelf. We asked Aguilar if it was cool to be able to vindicate the support of all those big names in cannabis that believed before Blueprint had even left the gate. 

“Yeah, exactly. It helped out tremendously even just on that team level and then everything outward,” Aguilar said. He went on to note the support in those early days kind of felt like a head nod that they were there and ready to play at the highest level. 

Blueprint has now reached a crossroads. Does the team now stress about maintaining excellence? Or is it more of a chill vibe given they know they can have faith in the now award-winning process that went into creating the product?

“I personally love it,” Aguilar said while claiming being in that situation is essentially the dream. “I think it’s fun. It’s like, if you’re not in that position, you’re like, ‘Oh, what a terrible position to be in.’”

But if you are in the position, it’s tough but not impossible. Aguilar feels as if every harvest they’ve built expectation further to the point each one feels like a game-winning free throw. You certainly don’t want to have any nerves when you’re trying to sink the winning bucket. 

“We’re gonna deliver quality, consistent cannabis. And so we just got to stay calm and do what we do,” Aguilar said.

Finally, when we first talked to Aguilar in the summer, he noted Blueprint was constantly hunting down new phenotypes to put into production. Since much of the launch lineup is still in play, we asked when the public might see some results from the effort.

Triple Lindy

There are definitely a few to keep an eye out for, but as always, Blueprint is keeping the details under lock and key. 

“We probably have like three extremely different and extremely awesome strains, on a bag, smell everything, very pleasant,” Aguilar said. “And then we definitely have some washers in the works now. So we’re gonna get the rosin going.”

One of those new heaters is called Backyard Boogie. Aguilar plans to harvest it on Monday, so you should see it on shelves in the not-too-distant future. 

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