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By following her Passion Laura Schleich has the World at her Feet

At just 42, Laura Schleich has already achieved the kind of success most people in the world of business can only dream of. By following her passion and through hard work and perseverance, she has made the world her office, a reality testified by the fact that in addition to her native German, she is also fluent in English, French, Italian, Russian, Arabic. With incredible foresight, Laura already studied coding and conducted research on online marketing as a teenager back in the 90s before Google even existed. At such a young age, she was already breaking new digital ground during those early days of the internet when Yahoo and Altavista were the search engines of choice and most of us were still busy figuring out how to send e-mails. She comes from a family famous for the Schleich brand of hand painted toys and figurines, a toy dynasty founded by Friedrich Schleich in 1935. Today this German company employs about 250 people.Laura graduated from two of the world’s most prestigious schools, the International Business School in Geneva and Harvard University. While Laura’s true passion has always been IT, her career initially took a very different turn. In 2004, at the tender age of 25, she took the bold step of establishing her own event & celebrity management company in Switzerland, where her clients included high-net worth individuals and a number of Fortune 500 companies, for which she organized the most glamorous events. Laura Schleich has worked with a number of high-profile celebrities, including Nile Rodgers & Chic, Prince, Madonna, 50 cent, Jamiroquai, and many others.

In 2017 she eventually moved to London to follow her real passion. Although not a fan of the city’s weather, this didn’t deter Laura in any way. In the UK she established what would become one of the most successful PR and web design companies, Digital Media Consult Limited. She believes that working in this industry inspires her to combine her natural creative talents with her technical background and expertise. Ever since starting her company, Laura has successfully managed to re-invent her approaches and strategies, thereby successfully providing innovative and tailor-made solutions for her customers.

Having lived in so many different places around the world, including vibrant cities such as Geneva, Paris, Marrakech as well as Dubai, Laura has been equipped with the knowledge, creativity and versatility to able to attract and provide outstanding and exclusive services to clients from all over the world. She credits this to her deep understanding of foreign cultures and uniquely developed communication skills: “When you are able to communicate well you can adapt to each market. Also, traveling around the globe gives me great inspiration and infuses my mind with creativity.”

Laura’s success led to the logical next step: expansion. She recalls how she had been so overwhelmed by the demand of US based customers that she decided to found a company in Florida, WWW Solutions LLC. The company’s versatility is a reflection of Laura and provides a wide range of services from social media management, contract negotiation, handling PR difficulties to audience and engagement analytics, design services and critical insights. Additionally, the company also offers writing and editing services as well as content review.

As a long-time cryptocurrency enthusiast, she has been one of the first business people out there to fully integrate bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies into e-commerce solutions. While she trades and works with a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, her favourite coins are Solana and Fantom, currently two of the most exciting and fastest-growing cryptocurrencies out there.

WWW Solutions has also achieved renown by means of its award-winning, 24-hour, multilingual customer support service. One of her current high-profile clients is the German reality TV star Georgina Fleur who recently re-located to Dubai. With Laura’s help, Fleur has been able to grow her Instagram following from 80k to 420k within only 9 months and WWW Solutions has been instrumental in strategically and successfully adapting Fleur’s brand image in accordance with her lifestyle change from being an IT girl to reality TV star to nowadays being a happy and dedicated mother.

But even with all this success, Laura’s life isn’t simply one of all work and no play. She loves the arts, and, as a hopeless romantic adore the impressionists: “I could get lost for days in the Musée d’Orsay in Paris. I spend loads of time drawing with aquarelle and oil.” But that’s not all. Despite her busy on-the-go lifestyle, she also makes time for another great passion: the outdoors. She loves skiing in Sankt Moritz, horse riding in the desert of Dubai or on the beach of Mykonos, as well as diving into the ocean whenever she gets the chance.

Having achieved all this at such a young age, Laura Schleich and WWW Solutions are certainly names you’d do well to remember. With no signs of stopping or slowing down, it’s hard to fathom what her company might be able to achieve over the next few decades.

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