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News - September 10, 2021

Can You Use CBD Topical For Improving Skin Tone And Tightening The Skin?

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Aging-related cosmetic issues like the development of wrinkles, fine lines, folds, etc., primarily appear in areas of the body exposed to the sun and the areas like the face, neck, and arms. The appearance of visible signs of aging, especially on the face can be slowed down or avoided to a certain extent if you follow skincare routines along with using anti-aging remedies. CBD topical made using hemp plant extracts is a relatively new anti-aging solution that is being used by people due to cannabidiol’s therapeutic effects. In this article, we will discuss in detail using topical CBD to tighten and tone skin.

An Introduction To CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is derived from the hemp plant. When you apply it to the skin, you get quick localized relief or effect. Besides, topical CBD products are combined with a lipid-rich or fatty carrier oil or base so that this cannabinoid is easily absorbed into the skin. This is because CBD is an oil-soluble compound and combining it with lipid-rich carrier liquid increases its bioavailability. Furthermore, anti-aging CBD products are available in the form of eye serum, facial creams, body lotion, sleeping mask, body oil, etc.

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Skin And Aging

The skin is the largest organ in the body and one of its main functions is to act as a protective barrier from pathogens and environmental challenges. The aging process starts at the cellular level of the skin. Firstly, as we age, the production of structural protein, i.e., collagen, is reduced. Secondly, the production of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) or free radicals causes oxidative stress, and this leads to cellular damage. They are produced as a byproduct of metabolism and through environmental factors like UV rays and pollutants.

CBD Topical To Prevent Wrinkles And Maintain Skin Tone

The anti-aging effect of CBD is attributed to its stimulating effect on the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Research shows that the antioxidant effect of cannabidiol (CBD) can be useful for reducing the damage due to oxidative stress. Also, in-vitro studies found that it is more potent than natural antioxidants like vitamin C and alpha-tocopherol.

Applying CBD topical products to the skin can help with slowing down the formation of wrinkles. This is because cannabidiol helps with the production of collagen, and the lipids in CBD oil improve the moisture-retaining capacity of the skin. Apart from this, it also boosts melanin production and thereby aids in maintaining skin tone.

On a final note, before using CBD topical to tighten and tone skin, you must consult a dermatologist.

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