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News - July 27, 2021

CBD Treats vs CBD Oil: Which Is Better For Pets

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A lot of pet owners are now giving cannabidiol (CBD) to their pets as a health supplement, because of its ability to improve health and treat various ailments naturally. This compound can help with a large number of conditions that your pets can commonly suffer from including pain, seizures, arthritis, inflammation, anxiety, some symptoms caused by cancer, etc. So, by giving CBD for pets, you can improve their general well-being along with helping them to deal with different health conditions.

You can get several CBD products that are suitable for pets from the market. Some popular options among them are CBD oil and CBD treats. These products are commonly preferred by pet owners for their furry companions. However, which is the better option for your pet, CBD treat or oil? This can be confusing, as both these products have their own peculiarities. So, you have to choose a product based on the nature of your pet.

We compare CBD oil and CBD treat so that it will be easy for you to choose a product that can be suitable for your pet.


CBD oil is one of the most effective CBD products because of its high concentration of this cannabinoid and various other compounds present in the hemp plant. It is commonly preferred for its better effects and fast results.

You can choose a variety of ways to give CBD oil for pets. Give it directly using a dropper or mix it with their food or water. Administering CBD oil with some fatty foods can help to increase the absorption of this compound thereby increasing the intensity of the effects your pet gets.

But make sure to properly measure the dosage when administering CBD oil to your pet, as higher concentrations of CBD in this product can also increase the possibility of developing side effects. Additionally, CBD oil can have an uncomfortable taste, so your pet might hesitate to take it directly.

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CBD Treats

A lot of manufacturers produce pet treats mixed with CBD so that it will be possible for pet owners to administer this compound to their pets without any hassles. Additionally, the concentration of CBD in this product can be low in comparison with CBD oil. But make sure to follow the dosage instructions provided on the package to avoid any unwanted effects.

Both CBD oil and treats can be useful for your pets to derive the benefits of CBD. You can choose a product based on the effects your pet needs and the convenient method of administration.

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