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Politics - June 12, 2021

Congressman Busts Republicans Utilizing Russian Speaking Factors To Describe Trump

Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) mentioned that Putin used the precisely similar language as Republicans in Congress when requested to explain Trump in an NBC interview.


Rep. Connolly mentioned on MSNBC:

I used to be additionally struck along with his description of Trump. I don’t imply this facetiously, however frankly, these phrases may have come out of a variety of mouths of Republican enablers within the Republican congress.


Proficient man, didn’t come from Washington, shook issues up, you won’t like him, however he — effectively, this was a person who didn’t know something about U.S. Authorities and didn’t care, who violated democratic norms, who incited an rebel, who as we’re now studying has violated the rights of journalists and members of congress in looking for his Division of Justice within the worst of the Nixonian custom, looking for e-mails and phone logs to principally intimidate and get filth on individuals he would then attempt to suppress. No surprise Vladimir Putin likes him.

The truth that a member of Congress may so simply match up Putin’s description of Trump with Republican speaking factors about Trump is telling. The language is identical because the Russians used of their 2016 election interference marketing campaign. Republicans like Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), however attempting to inject Russian propaganda into the US political dialog for years.

The GOP is Putin’s social gathering, and their messaging match-up is a warning signal that Russia isn’t completed meddling in US elections.

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