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News - June 21, 2021

D.I. to Play on the Doll Hut

D.I. to Play on the Doll Hut: Fullerton punks D.I. shaped in 1981 when the Adolescents took a break and Casey Royer, additionally previously of Social Distortion, wished one thing to do.

Quick-forward to now, and so they have a bunch of albums and EPs out whereas their reside exhibits are at all times riotous affairs. The Adolescents basic “Amoeba” was initially co-written by Royer and bounced between his former bands Social D and the Detours (SD recorded a special model as “1945”), in order that one at all times will get an airing.

On Friday, beloved punk dive the Doll Hut hosts D.Ii, alongside the Subjectors, Hell is Different Folks,  the Pawns, the Hajj, Rat Feces, and VFMS. It’ll be wild.

D.I. to Play on the Doll Hut: The occasion takes place from 7:30 p.m. on Friday, June 25 on the Doll Hut

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