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News - August 23, 2021

Fox Violet Gets the Bends


The Bends (Parlophone)

Fox Violet Gets the Bends: London-born, L.A.-based dream-rock artist Fox Violet, aka Thea Stevenson, told us about her love for an early Radiohead classic.

Thea Stevenson: My favorite album of all time is Radiohead’s The Bends. I can’t get enough of every single song on this record, and can’t tell you how many times I’ve had it on repeat. To me it’s a masterpiece sonically and lyrically. I really feel a kinship to Thom York’s cynicism at idolatry and modern life, but I also similarly feel his pain at the state of the world and the human condition.


There’s a fascinating type of story telling going on in each song. Jonny Greenwood is also undeniably musically-gifted and his tones and solos bleed into the crevices of the whole record, giving this other-worldliness you just can’t get outside of Radiohead at the same level of intensity. I’ll listen to it when I’m happy, when I’m sad and everything in between and it always fills me right up with an insane amount of cathartic energy.

Fox Violet Gets the Bends: Fox Violet’s “Long Way Down” single is out now. The Prisms album is out in the fall.

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