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News - June 24, 2021

Friend of the Future Makes Debut with Surprise Appearances By Tupac Shakur & Biggie Smalls

This weekend’s Kevin Gates and Friends, hosted by Chrome Entertainment and powered by Events Smarter, showed that the people of Orlando are ready for live events and have an appetite for AI with a crowd estimated between 10,000 – 12,000.   The headliner for the show may have been Kevin Gates, but the biggest surprise of the evening was the unannounced performance by the artificial intelligence DJ Friend of the Future.

Friend of the Future is the latest offering from Los Angeles based inheritance AI and appears to be an expert system that responds to voice commands with music and riveting visual effects.

Five minutes into Friend of the Future’s set she explained to the packed house how her technology allows for, “Some of histories’ greatest music artists to collaborate in ways never imagined and in some ways bring back histories greatest artists who are no longer with us!”  She then prompted the question to the crowd, “You may be wondering who is the first artist I would bring back?  Well let me show you!”

From the speakers pumped Meek Mill and Rick Ross’ Tupac Back with various renders of a digital model of Tupac. During the line of the song, “I’m dreaming spiting with Pac, I’m talking cyphers with Big” Friend of the Future seamlessly transitioned to Biggie Smalls’ Dead Wrong accompanied by a flawless digital model of Biggie Smalls.  Judging by the amount of cameras that were now up and recording this AI exhibition on the jumbotron the crowd understood the beautiful future of which inheritance AI chief designer Vincent Peters so often mentions.

We look forward to seeing where Friend of the Future pops up next and what musical icon of the past she brings out next.

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