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News - June 25, 2021

Ingesting CBD Vs. Topical Application: Which Is Better?

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Ingestion is one of the common methods used for taking cannabidiol (CBD). A wide array of products made from this compound are available for you in the market that is suitable for ingestion. Some of the best products you can use for consuming CBD internally are CBD oils, capsules, pills, isolates, edibles, tinctures, and drinks.

However, ingestion might not be suitable for everyone, as some CBD products can have THC that can fail people in a drug test and create intoxicating effects. Even though products made from cannabidiol usually have a small amount of THC in them, a lot of people are highly sensitive to this cannabinoid and when it reaches their bloodstream, it can lead to a lot of adverse effects. Additionally, some terpenes present in certain CBD products are also found to result in allergic reactions in some people.

A lot of people do not prefer to consume products made from cannabidiol internally because of the fear of intoxicating effects. If you do not want to take CBD internally, but still want to derive its benefits, then topical application of this compound can be beneficial for you.

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So, we compare the difference between ingestion and topical application of CBD so that you will be able to find out which is the best choice for you.

Ingestion Of CBD

This is a method that is widely preferred by CBD users. When you ingest a CBD product, it will go through digestion and metabolism where various compounds present in them will be released. This leads to the delivery of these compounds into the bloodstream which can be beneficial for creating different effects in the body.

Nevertheless, one of the problems associated with ingestion is that only a small portion of the cannabinoids will reach the bloodstream after digestion and metabolism which can reduce the intensity of the effects. This method can also take at least an hour to give results but the effects can be long-lasting.

Topical Application Of CBD

This is a method preferred by people when using CBD for pain. You can also use topical products when taking CBD for inflammation present in a particular part of the body. The cannabinoids present in the topical products won’t reach the bloodstream, so it creates a safe option for people who do not want to take CBD internally. However, the results you get from these products can be less intense, as only a small amount of cannabinoids present in them will be absorbed by the body.

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