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Jorge Pelayo Is An Entrepreneur Teaching People About Entrepreneurship and How To Manage Their Money

Jorge Pelayo, an entrepreneur, and businessman. He is a co-founder of one of the fastest growing insurance marketing companies in the US today. Their vision is to bring culture and diversity to the the insurance industry. They help people with debt, life insurance, and retirement planning.

This company was started by CEO, Patrick Bet-David, and a few bold leaders in 2009. It is now one of the fastest-growing FMO’s in the United States. Pelayo says “when we started, we were a bunch of guys with nothing but a dream.” Today, the company has licensed over 23,000 agents.

When asked what attracts so many people to their opportunity: “Today, too many people settle for good when they could be great, and average instead of extraordinary. People are attracted to our company because we help them raise their standards and expectations. Everyone knows there’s a better version inside of them; they just need help realizing their potential.”

Like many others, Jorge also faced hurdles while building his company.

He didn’t have any prior business experience before getting into the industry. He had to learn sales, leadership, marketing, and so much more while handling setback after setback. Jorge had to make a lot of sacrifices to succeed. Constant processing, reviewing, studying, coaching, reading, and an insane work ethic helped him overcome these hurdles.

Talking about his key to success, the first and foremost thing he said was to find an opportunity and a mentor. “There is no shortcut to success, so do it right the first time. Only hard work, improvement, and strong character build a company. You should fix in your mind the exact life you want and focus on it until it  becomes your reality.”

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