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Kareem Elmashad Debuts New Single “What You Need”

Kareem Elmashad has graced us with another of his amazing works. His music is often peppy and makes you want to dance as soon as you hear it, and this especially applies to his latest single, What You Need,” a rousing dance jam unlike anything else youll hear.

Acclaimed and bursting with energy, Kareem Elmashad truly shows off what hes made of with What You Need.” Unlike many other party jams on the radio, the new single sets itself apart with its fantastic synth performances and strong emotional vocals. It takes the concept of a jam song and takes it to the next level, throwing in various other influences to fantastic result.

Upbeat and frenetic, What You Need,” is a showcase of Kareem Elmashads development as an artist. Creatively used synths and beats give the song a personality of its own, flaunting style and specialty thats unseen in todays music scene. The usage of many different eclectic sounds and instruments also adds a bit of spice to the mix, giving listeners a fresh experience.

Kareem Elmashads signature style of blending smooth sounds and fast beats works to great effect on What You Need,” allowing the single to hit on all cylinders at all times. The suave and svelte touches add a dash of character to the synth heavy droning, opening the door to wider enjoyment.

Even on an emotional level, What You Need,” performs admirably well, thanks to the vocal chops of its singer. Presenting each gut-wrenching moment with the sincerity youd expect, it meshes styles well and crafts a vivid image of heartbreak and longing. Despite this, it maintains its energy and bravado, allowing anyone to dance and jam to the beat regardless of songs tone.

Indeed, What You Need,” is an impressive achievement for an artist like Kareem Elmashad. Its yet another feather in the cap for him, as continues to expand his musical body of work and broadcast his talents to the world. The solid sound of his new single is a testament to his talent as an artist.

Being able to give people a reason to dance and enjoy themselves in these trying times is exactly what Kareem hopes to achieve with What You Need,” and were glad to announce hes succeeded with flying colours on this new single. As his style continues to grow, we cant wait to see what else the fledgling artist has in store for us in the future.

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