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News - July 9, 2021

King of Podcasting Peter Vincer on Why Notorious Will Always Persevere

Notorious and its unique business model has revolutionized the entertainment industry. In an industry saturated with dull corporate offices and recording studios, Notorious founded a creative sanctuary with the mission to foster innovation by helping podcasters, musicians, celebrities, and more feel at ease. At the Notorious estate, clients work alongside skilled multi-media and marketing professionals with the serene backdrop of the Los Angeles skyline. While some may say that this seemingly unstructured work environment can’t be effective, Notorious proves that it can. Since Notorious was founded, it has been responsible for some of the most viral original content, such as Hot Boxin’ with Mike Tyson, Private Talk w/ Alexis Texas, 3 Girls 1 Kitchen, and more. As creativity flows through the Notorious estate, the team constantly expands its reach with bold new projects and partnerships. In 2021, Notorious produced music videos for artists like DVBBS, whose video reached over 1.5 million views in less than a week’s time and hosted rapper 24kGoldn’s exclusive album release party. These successful endeavors highlight an impressive ability to bring about versatile content tailored to distinct brands and speak to the value of a homestyle workplace. The company’s newest groundbreaking campaign is a collaboration with Lyrical Lemonade and Sommer Ray to host a 3-day music and fitness event in Palm Springs.

The young media hub is flourishing and is just getting started in the entertainment realm, and despite disgruntled former colleagues who have tried to interrupt their momentum, Notorious continues to grow, build, and amplify the voices of emerging creators, and household names. CEO and founder of Notorious, Peter Vincer, is now breaking his silence on allegations brought forth against the company by The Verge’s Ashley Carmen, whose baseless article attempted to discredit all the incredible work Notorious has done. In true Notorious fashion, utilizing the full weight of production, creativity, and authenticity, Peter thought it was only appropriate to compile all of his receipts and release a recorded, video response, which he’s debuting here for the first time.



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