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News - August 12, 2021

Lyft Driver Describes Attack in Riverside – NBC Los Angeles

A Lyft driver suffered serious injuries from a violent assault that happened as he was picking up a rider in Riverside County.

Lyft driver Ye Lu said the attack left his Lexus damaged and his forehead scarred.

“So he used a microphone stand to hit my head,” Lu said, adding his dashcam caught the attack on audio.

He says the rider was standing with boxes of music equipment outside Fabios Bar and Nightclub at 5:30 a.m. on Aug. 1.

Lu said a confrontation started after he told the passenger he didn’t want anything on the seats, only in the trunk.

He said the rider became irate and started striking him with a microphone stand as he sat helplessly in the driver’s seat.

The attacker told Lu screamed at him to drive.

Lu says he was able to drive away and call for help.

Shortly after the attack, deputies arrested Michael Trunko, 23.

“I don’t understand why he get crazy, you know?” Lu said.

Lyft released a statement calling the attack appalling and the rider has been removed from the platform.

They are also offering their support to the driver and law enforcement.

A local rideshare advocate created a gofundme to help pay for Lu’s medical bills.

He says companies can vastly improve safety by providing two way dash cameras for every driver, one facing the road and the other facing the driver, and also stickers warning customers that they are being recorded.

“So they are put on notice the moment they step into that vehicle,” said Torsten Kunert, a rideshare drivers advocate. “It will take care of a lot of the issues.”

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