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News - June 26, 2021

Man Tries to Breach Cockpit Before Jumping Out of Aircraft at LAX – NBC Los Angeles

A man tried to breach the cockpit of a United Express flight Friday night and after being unsuccessful, he opened the cabin door and fled the aircraft via the emergency slide at LAX, according to officials.

In a statement from SkyWest, they confirmed that no one onboard the aircraft was injured, and that the aircraft was able to taxi back to the gate area. The SkyWest flight was operating as United Express from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City.

The Los Angeles Airport Police and the Los Angeles Fire Department responded immediately and apprehended the passenger on the taxiway.

The incident occurred about 7:10 p.m. and the man who exited the aircraft was treated for injuries and transported to the hospital.

Airport police and the FBI were investigating the matter.

According to the FBI, the flight crew reported that a passenger got up from his seat as the plane taxied toward the runway and pounded on the cockpit door. He ultimately exited the plane through an emergency door, landing on the pavement.

The incident marks the second security breach at LAX this week. A man was taken into custody Thursday after driving his car through a fence and onto a runway, leading police on a brief pursuit.

This comes after a spike of reports involving unruly passengers aboard flights.

This story previously attributed information to LAX instead of FAA officials. The story has been corrected.

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