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Mistifi Explains One of The Best New Vapes on The Market

We sat down with the Mistifi team to hear about the fast-paced 10 months since they first dropped, including the massive win at the Emerald Cup this past spring. 

When we first heard about Mistifi, the idea of triple blend vape pens seemed more like a novelty. But now, with an Emerald Cup firmly resting on their office shelf, that has proven not to be the case. 

Mistifi as a brand falls under the Cannabisty umbrella. We talked with Cannabistry’s Chief Brand Officer Dan Einzig about what it took for them to turn technology they believed in into an award-winning product now available on store shelves. Einzig started from the beginning and explained Cannabisty essentially was founded as a cannabis-specific R&D lab in Colorado in 2014.

“They spent four years developing technologies and processes and systems and products that lead to products that are really about being kind of best in class,” Einzig told L.A. Weekly. “That’s all they had to focus on there. It didn’t bring anything to market. It was just an R&D lab. The idea was to create proprietary technology that they could license.”

And they did. They’d work with third-party manufacturers in Colorado and California before eventually collaborating to launch a 20,000 square foot facility in Santa Rosa. Despite being a fresh face, the wine country lab has now proven award-winning. 

Weed has a lot of people that love to jump on proven things, but it’s fair to say the London transplant with 25 years in the leisure sector jumped on the Mistifi hype wave early. We asked him how he knew they were on to something?

He knew he could create an experience.

As he worked to make dispensaries more consumer friendly through the 2010s, he came to the reality of how important branding would be in cannabis in the long run. We asked if California’s most elite brands being a coveted menu item for any shop because they drive traffic by themselves proved the perfect example.

“Right, exactly,” confirmed Einzig. “I’ve always been really fascinated by creating experiences for people. How do people have a great time? That’s what hospitality is about.”

At the core of how the Mistifi team plans on providing that good time is their Hi-Ph extraction process. They argue it provides the best preservation of cannabinoids and terpenes in the cured materials they’re processing as opposed to the fresh-frozen material we’re seeing in the marketplace. But essentially, the flower they are processing is a lot closer to what the final end product in a jar would look like compared to a lot of extractors. 

While different, the results speak for themselves. While we see a lot of new extraction tech and blends, maybe some of the fails left us doubters. But Mistifi’s blend certainly has hit a higher note than some of the previous attempts. 

“Basically, it’s high pressure, low temperature, which means that we’re able to extract the same ratio of cannabinoids,” Einzig explained. “All the cannabinoids in the native flower are represented in exactly the same ratios in the final resin, which is, again, unlike anything else. That is a completely unique extraction process in the whole sector and we’re just dying for as many people to try it as possible.”

They’re basing much of the marketing strategy on “if they try it, they’ll buy it.” With blended vape pens now a hit, it’s just a quest for more shelf space. 

Next week at Hall of Flowers, Cannabistry will unveil its newest product. They’ll be sprucing up their Tough Mama with the new Yolo Shotz’ launching in the fall. Tropical Punch is the first of several flavors they’re developing for a reputable dosage of 100mg of THC 2oz bottle containing ten 10mg THC shots.




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