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News - August 24, 2021

Nia Kay Won’t Be Ignored

Nia Kay Won’t Be Ignored: 19-year-old Chicago rapper Nia Kay has released new single “Ignored.” She might still be best know for her appearances on season two of Jermaine Dupri’s reality show The Rap Game, but it won’t be long before people focus on her music judging by this latest track and video.

According to the press release, “Since, her last song with Asian Doll entitled Real, her followers are steady growing with 6.7M followers on Facebook, 1.6M fans on Instagram, and her YouTube channel has 187K subscribers turning her into a young celebrity influencer.”

This song is pretty self-explanatory. She won’t be ignored. And based on the visual, anybody who tries will be faced with a lot of twerking.

It’s a catchy tune though. Kay’s rapid-fire delivery and ton of ‘tude, plus an infectious melody, plants the song firmly in your head. Check it out below.

Nia Kay Won’t Be Ignored: Nia Kay’s “Ignored” single is out now.


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