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Popular Mexican Actress in a Coma – NBC Los Angeles

Renowned Mexican actress and politician Carmen Salinas was in a coma at a private clinic in Mexico City on Thursday, according to her family.

The 82-year-old actress, with a long career in film and television, had a cerebrovascular event on Wednesday night and her condition is delicate, Gustavo Briones González, her nephew and personal assistant, confirmed outside a hospital in Colonia Roma of Salinas.

The popular actress and theater producer was in intensive care with respiratory assistance, but the rest of her organs and functions are stable, Briones González said in an impromptu message to the media.

Doctors believe that the inflammation in her brain will subside, he said. The family was asked to remain at the hospital for updates on her condition.

Briones González has been Salinas’ assistant since 2015, when her close collaborator Juan Pascual “El Chato” Cejudo Mujica died.

“The Salinas family shares with them that the leading actress, Mrs. Carmen Salinas, is going through a difficult health situation, which is why she remains in the intensive care area where specialist doctors treat her,” her nephew Gustavo Briones wrote in part of a statement.

“Because of the respect and affection that my aunt expresses to the press, they will be kept informed about the state of health and evolution,” the statement said.

During the afternoon, Briones González said the family hired an external neurology specialist for a second opinion on her condition.

Relatives asked fans to pray for her.

Personalities from the entertainment world have come to visit the hospital, including Lyn May, and celebrities such as Daniela Romo, Laura Zapata, Gloria Trevi and Dulce María have posted heartfelt messages on their social media accounts rooting for her recovery.

This article will be updated when more information is available.

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