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News - September 3, 2021

The Garden Glance: Clout King

This week the hype levels of the Garden Glance reach an intercontinental scale as we take a peek into the rooms Clout King is using to make waves in California.

While we focus on the west coast renditions of their work, make no mistake about it, Clout King is crushing far beyond California’s borders. Their efforts in Michigan are producing flowers many rank amongst the best in the state.

But obviously, this is one of the funnier editions of the Garden Glance. While some cannabis companies go through a few PR teams on their quest to carve a spot in the hearts of the masses, Clout King used memes making a mockery of the status quo in cannabis and great pot. 

Even the strain names are in on the act, as you’ll come to see. 

But regardless of funny strain names, satirical legal support mocking the worst of cannabis, and attempts to call the general tone of things somewhere on the line of crude and funny, Clout King grows heat. This is clearly evident by the hype for the big White Terdz drop all over the state next week.


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