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News - August 26, 2021

Woman Battling Cancer Loses Home in South Fire – NBC Los Angeles

Deborah Morrison is battling cancer and just completed her chemotherapy last week. Then her house of 17 years burned down Wednesday in the South Fire.

“Tim saw that our house was gone,” she said. “There is nothing we can do about it. They did the best that they could and we’ll survive it.”

On Thursday, she wanted to see what was left of her home.

“The living room was over here, because that’s the chimney. There’s nothing.”

In 2004, Deborah and her husband lost another home in Devore, from mudslides.

Now, all of the family treasures such as pictures and memorabilia that survived that disaster have been destroyed by the fire.

“Last night, we were laughing because that’s all you can do. I said, ‘Well, I don’t have my LSU shirt collection anymore.

Deborah says the home burned so fast as the flames tore through the hillsides.

She and her husband only had minutes to escape.

“We had no warning.”

She’s hoping others who live in the foothills are prepared for fast moving fires.

“We are not as prepared as we usually are. We should make a go bag. We should do this. And really the only thing we got to was a go bag for all my meds.”

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