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News - November 30, 2021

Woman in Her 80s Found Dead in Chatsworth Mobile Home Fire – NBC Los Angeles

LA city firefighters knocked down a mobile home fire Tuesday in Chatsworth. But then turned up the body of an unidentified homeowner in her 80s.

Neighbors inside the mobile home park on Lassen Street near DeSoto Avenue caught images of the destructive fire, lighting the night sky around 5:30 p.m.

“When I climbed the stairs on the patio I could see it reached a bit of height,” said Singh, a witness says. “From there I started getting worried.”

LA city fire crews rolled up in force and quickly put down the flames.

“We commenced a very aggressive fire attack,” said Capt. Erik Scott, an LAFD spokesman. “We sent ff inside, able to extinguish the flames in just 26 minutes by first 31 arriving firefighters.”

Damage was limited to the home where the fire began: the cause is not yet known.

A woman’s body found inside amidst debris four feet high.

The captain says excessive storage and lack of a smoke alarm made matters worse.

“We we’re finally able to make a full search but tragically there was an elderly female inside, beyond any medical needs,” he said. “Sadly determined dead.”

Neighbors say man who lives here wasn’t home during the fire so they did what they could to help!

“We grabbed my hose, used it on the house, kept spraying until the fire department came. Everybody was running with their hoses,” said Diana Douglas-Mati, a neighbor.

A sense of sorrow now hangs over the community, adorned with holiday lights.

Residents say they always look out for each other and loss of life won’t change that now.

“We all were working trying to put the fire out,” Douglas-Mati said. Everybody was helping each other doing it. That’s the good part.”

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