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News - December 1, 2021

You Can Now Buy THC In All 50 States Thanks To This Woman

Cannabis legalization has come a long way in the past few years. 

But what Alina Boyce has accomplished  isn’t just one small step for the cannabis industry as a whole, It’s a giant leap!

Boyce has founded the first women-owned THC brand to get distribution in all 50 states.

Her brand is Kandy Girl and due to the weight of their gummies vs the amount of THC that are in them, they are legal to ship to all 50 states. Many other brands are trying to catch up and launch their Hemp Derived THC Gummies

Don’t confuse this with the semi synthetic Delta 8 or Delta 10 which gained popularity last year this product is all natural. 

“Kandy Girl is real THC, the same THC  you would get in a regular dispensary, but since the THC is extracted from hemp and under 0.3% it’s legal” Delta 9 THC. 

Don’t let that low .3 percentage fool you. Kandy Girl THC Hemp Gummies are packed with 10mg of real THC making them fall below the legal limit while still packing just as much of a punch as the edibles in the dispensaries. 

Boyce is not only making cannabis products safe and easily accessible for the masses. She also makes them very affordable. Bundling products on the Kandy Girl website can get you down to about $1.20 per 10mg gummy which is far below the price you would be paying at a dispensary. 

This isn’t all that is up Boyces sleeve, as the company recently launched a network marketing branch of their business that allows other women to join in the fun. Selling gummies and earning a commission on the products they sell, as well as their recruits and what they sell. Their company offers 30% recurring commissions and a downline level 7 people deep.  Currently the program doesn’t cost anything to join like other network marketing opportunities. 

You can sign up to become an affiliate brand rep for Kandy Girl by visiting their affiliate portal.

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